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Individual Claims

David Perry is regularly engaged to calculate the present value of economic losses allegedly suffered by individuals and/or to comment on calculations performed by other experts.

David's economic loss assessments are used to help resolve employment, medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death disputes.

Examples of the types of analysis that David regular performs on claims brought by individuals include:

  • Determine the present value of lost earnings in an alleged wrongful termination case based on the difference between the plaintiff's expected earnings in the position from which he was dismissed and his expected earnings from replacement position.

  • Calculate the present value of lost earnings and household services in an alleged wrongful death case considering the deceased's future income and personal consumption if he had lived longer.

  • Rebut calculations of the present value of an individual's lost earnings, future medical costs and household services prepared by another expert related to a work-related accident.

  • Assess the present value of economic losses suffered by an individual as a result of alleged medical malpractice after considering available information and the reports of medical and vocational experts.

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