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Business Improvement

David Perry has managed numerous business improvement projects for large corporations and institutions. David's business improvement experience includes engagements in which he:

  • Managed a team of business analysts and computer programmers to design and implement a customer/product information system in over 30 countries.

  • Designed and implemented a management information system that provided information on revenues, costs and risks for a business that trades foreign exchange and interest rate products.

  • Managed a team to perform an Operational Review of the second-largest bank in Romania and present findings to officials of the World Bank and European Commission.

  • Performed a key role in the restructure of the US operations of a major international bank to eliminate duplicate and non-core businesses and increase profitability.

  • Managed due diligence assignments for companies seeking to expand in the UK and Eastern Europe and presented comprehensive reports to management and directors.

  • Analyzed the benefits, costs and risks of alternative general ledger options for a large US bank, which resulted in higher quality financial reporting and significant cost savings.

  • Managed the design and implementation of risk management processes for the US operations of a major international bank resulting in an improved grading by the Federal Reserve Board.

  • Prepared a Business Continuity Plan for a complex $30 million business.

  • Managed the audit of one of the world’s largest banks that involved work in over 30 countries, analysis of complex transactions and direct communication with federal regulators.

  • Audited many companies in numerous industries during eight years with a Big-Four public accounting firm.

  • Performed numerous investigations involving fraud, conflict of interests, internal controls and compliance with established policies and procedures.

  • Analyzed the derivative portfolios and related risk management controls of numerous banks in the United Kingdom and United States.

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